10 Energy-Boosting, Healthy Snacks for Long Days at the Hospital

As a healthcare provider, your time to eat is sacred. When you get the chance to refuel it’s important to consume healthy and energy-boosting snacks, but don’t forget to add a little variety and some fun foods, too! Long days at work can be extremely draining, so why not make the nutrients you’re consuming[...]

The Most Delicious Dining Spots within 25 Miles of Albany Med

There is one universal truth in the lives of all people; we have to eat! However, with complex work schedules typical of the healthcare profession, it can be difficult to find time to research the tastiest choices even if they are right in your own back yard! That’s why we put together a list of foodie-worthy spots[...]

By Leslie M. Duell, SPHR SHRM-SCP | January 7th, 2019 |Categories: Albany, New York, Insider, food