Albany Med Employee of the Year

Alowyn “Al” Sim, the 2017 Employee of the Year for Supporting Patient Care, has been part of the Albany Med family for 20 years. Starting as a Support Team Associate making deliveries from the receiving doc, Al is now in a management role supervising a team of 63 people. His exceptional climb through the ranks at Albany Med serves as a testament to his hard work and commitment to the organization.

We recently sat down with Al for a Q&A and he shared with us how Albany Med gave him the opportunity to grow and has become a second home to him over the years.

Q: What is your job title now, and what do your day-to-day responsibilities include?

A: “I am now the Manager of Supply Chain for the Main Hospital and South Campus. My main responsibility is leading a team responsible for providing the hospital with linen, medical supplies, and patient-care equipment.”

Q: What made you want to work at Albany Med in the first place?

A: “When I first came from Guyana, my uncle Brian McLennan, was already working for Albany Med. At the time, I was applying for jobs all throughout Albany. The joy he showed when he talked about working for Albany Med made me want to apply and get a job here. It didn’t matter what job, I just wanted to get into Albany Med because it was set on such a pedestal of being a great organization.”

Q: What about the people at Albany Med inspire you?

A: “Their hard work and dedication to the growth of Albany Med is inspiring; my teammates do the right thing every day and are always excited to come to work.”

Q: What is your favorite part of working at Albany Med?

 A: “The people, everyone here is like family. I basically grew up through the ranks with these people and their daily support. It is like leaving one family at home and coming to another family at work that treats you the same way. It makes you feel like you’re always in a family atmosphere.”  

Q: Who at Albany Med has inspired you?

A: “My success at Albany Med is due to my late manager, Charlie Mertz. He was the reason I stayed around all these years, he made work very comfortable and was easy to talk to - he listened and was open to new solutions, and always helped us implement new ideas with his 100% support. He didn’t just help with job related issues, but personal stuff too. He was like a father figure for me when my dad passed.”

 Q: What is one thing that you think everyone should know before starting a career at Albany Med?

 A: “AMC is like a family of 9,000+ people that can help you, guide you and mentor you. It’s like a little city by itself, any job you can find in upstate New York you can find at Albany Med. There are always opportunities to come in at the ground level then move into the job that fuels your passion.”

Q: Outside of work, what are your favorite hobbies and why do you enjoy living in the Capital Region?

A: “I like to play soccer in the summer, I used to play a lot of cricket too… I also like to work on cars and enjoy taking care of my garden. I like living in the Albany area because we get ‘just the right amount’ of snow… and the bragging rights I have for living in the capital of New York!”

Thank you, Al, for sharing your story and continuing to inspire all of us at Albany Med to work hard and come to work with a smile every day!

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